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The Parish Of Gander
Rector: The Revd. John Watton 256 - 3838
Associate: The Revd. Brian Candow 256- 3700
Mailing address: 132 Airport Blvd,Gander NL A1V 2E7
Office Telephone: 709 256 3838 or 651-3592
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What's Happening at St. Martins

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St. Martin's is a diverse Community of Faith with a warm heart for all.
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Morning and Evening Prayer
The Week of February 22 Lent 1

March 4
Love's first light, yet to dawn,bring your promise to bear upon the new day.When we arise, may it be with a real sense that we have been blessed and nurtured through the long hours of night.Amen.

March 3

Evening Prayer
When time comes for us to rest,help us to be prepared dear Lord,to lay aside all distractions and barriers to your Evening ministrations as you heal us heart and soul. Amen.
Morning Prayer
Lord of Peace,guide us through the storm
Grant shelter to the weary
Peace to the broken
And the Consolations that are deeper than our words...
Because they flow from your Spirit.

March 2

Spirit of the Loving creator who speaks to us a Father,remember us who are wounded and weary of the world's expectations. Scripture tells that we need no human to teach us what the power of your love can accomplish.So come,abide with us this night,we welcome you. amen.

Morning Prayer
Send your blessings upon the hands and hearts of those who will share their gifts and talents around Gander this week lord. May teachers and students shine and know the gift comes from you. Amen
Lets all use whatever gifts we have for others .
Have a Great Kiwanis Festival Folks!

March 1
Evening Prayer
Lord ,a lamp has waited in the secret places of our hearts for too long. Come and kindle the Flame of light and love, that is composed of the flame of your spirit. Amen.

Morning Prayer
Helo us,O lord to shake off weariness,to rise and embrace the potential of this day to bring hope and healing.May our Worship bring us close to you and each other. May those away feel the powe of Prayer and love. February 28
Morning Prayer
Lord,fill this day with compassion and love,
May Our hearts warmed with gentle thoughts toward self and others,be a blessing and strength to those around us. Amen.

February 27
"Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
Heart of Christ, Grant to those who open their own wounded hearts to others, protection, security and love. To those who are to hear the words of hurt and concern, Grant understanding, wisdom, patience and respect. Amen.
Morning Prayer
Spirit of Life and truth,teach us sweet lessons of how time's passing reveals the beauty and value of the people we love. Knowing that forever is not ours to claim,we shall be truly thankful for each moment today.amen.

February 26
Father we know we don't HAVE to love,forgive or understand, but
we MUST if we expect to be loved ,forgiven or understood.
For all those who do love us without expectation of return
for those who forgive because they do understand we thank you,and ask that you continue to teach us to love. Amen
Father,our day has begun,and so has the busy nature of work thought and worry. Help us to capture moments of Grace and friendship,so we do not lose a moment of joy and thanksgiving. Amen.
February 25

Spirit Divine,In your loving way, guide and keep us steadfast through the coming hours. In the busy nature of the hours ahead, it will be easy to lose moments of patience, love and joy to the overwhelming demands of our lives. Teach us, encourage us and help us truly own each moment yet to come this day. Amen.
February 24

When hearts are given to meditate, the sound of your voice grows ever stronger and sweeter so help us dear Lord, to be still ,remove the fear we have of being quiet, and speak to the depth of our being. Amen.MORNING PRAYER
Lord, come near as day begins. Welcome friend, thank you for the promise and proof of your presence with us. We shall be deeply sensitive, to the movement of the spirit of love around us today. Amen.
February 23

Lord of light,may Eventide's song be filled with a celestial brightness that overwhelms and refreshes the tired and longing Spirits of weary travellers through this day. Our hearts await thee.Amen.

Lord of hope,thank you for the message of faith and hope we can find written in the lives of other.May we see that which is written on the heart, as a map to a new beginning this day.

February 22

Lord,bless those whose strength and faith is waning,and strenghthen those who are young and strong in faith so that your evening blessings may be present and known by all.Amen.
Lord, the Church is much more than an institution, it is a living,breathing community of love,faith and hope. Through all things,We pray your blessing on all aspects of our Church,gathering,administration ministry and finance,so all will be done for the sake of Christ.Amen.
Today the Cathedral holds our annual meeting.


Lent 2015
Over the past few decades there has been a gradual (and welcome) shift from the concept that Ministry was done to God`s people, toward the concept of ministry as something done by God`s people.  It seems however, that in younger followers of the faith have not heard or accepted that message. 
Many of our energetic leaders are realizing that they are now looking back over the roads of their ministries, getting a bit tired, older, and wondering what the future of the Church will be.
 It is the task of each generation to pass on the faith and opportunities for ministry so that each generation can share the joy of serving Christ in their time.
A close look at St. Martin`s Community of faith reveals the truth of that statement. We share an incredible diversity of ministries by and to all age groups, here in our Church, Town, through the Diocese and around the world.  During lent this year our spiritual focus is going to be on whom we are as a Church and what God is calling us to be as a corporate body, and as individuals.
Simply put, we are going to

Christianity is a living, breathing realty formed through committed relationships with Jesus the head, His body formed through the  of diversity of followers who have been called, commissioned and sent.






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