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The Parish Of Gander
Rector: The Revd. John Watton 256 - 3838
Associate: The Revd. Brian Candow 256- 3700
Mailing address: 132 Airport Blvd,Gander NL A1V 2E7
Office Telephone: 709 256 3838 or 651-3592
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St. Martin's is a diverse Community of Faith with a warm heart for all.
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Morning and Evening Prayer The Week of January 25th

January 30th
Thank you For a night of Grace and rest Lord. We are now able to offer you our intentions for this day and ask your blessings.May all things of the hours to come,anticipated or unknown be filled with you,and your light. Amen.

Ever present love,open our hearts to recognize the positive energies you send to surround us every day.As we thank you for the gift of life,we confidently anticipate your blessings. Amen.

Heart of flesh and stone,may the self giving story of Christ be found in you tonight. Help me to choose to walk with him,and be transformed by His teaching and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Gently call to us in the early hours , Spirit of life. Prepare the one who yet sleeps,and nurture those who have begun the day. Our hearts join now in hope and thanksgiving as your blessing comes. Amen.

The pace of life is different for each of us Lord,
some busy,
some tired,
some wounded,...
some excited about possibilities. We are all so different yet called by the same Spirit to know love,give love and to receive love. Slow down the hectic, give wings to the weary and to all reveal the truth of your Spirit.

Lord help us remember that when we were told to do as we would have done to us that
the deeper call to service from Christ,
was to be present for others for love's sake alone,
without expectation of return.
Help us to show his love today in all things. Amen.

Father,thank you for your spirit within us,made known through Jesus,your Word made human. In His Spirit, may we greet one another with love and respect for the wisdom each has gleaned on the many roads we have travelled. May your Grace bring us all together. Amen.

Lord,we ask a blessing on todays path.As we choose to follow you,help us in our preparations,and in the adjustments of each hour,so we may remain close to your leading. Amen.

Life's strength and power, you are Love itself. Thank you for all of the connections of heart and minds we have shared this day, and for the way you draw all things into your light of truth. Amen..

Spirit of Our Giving Lord, extend your inspiration to awaken a new sensitivity in us toward our daily environment. Help us take nothing for granted, not to compare what we have or do not have with others, but simply to be truly thankful. Amen.

Lord may we be gently overwhelmed by the reality of the love you hold for us as we rest at home this evening, gather for worship, or meet you in the restless prayers in middle of a long night. Amen.

Smile upon those we love dear Lord.May the energy of our hearts for the well being of all be amplified by your Spirit. Amen.

Gentle hands of Christ, some are wearied by the passage of day. Help us all to be aware of your promise and invitation to receive blessing healings from your touch. Grant a vision of your hands reaching out at eventide,to take our own,and the Grace to receive you. Amen.


Lent 2015
Over the past few decades there has been a gradual (and welcome) shift from the concept that Ministry was done to God`s people, toward the concept of ministry as something done by God`s people.  It seems however, that in younger followers of the faith have not heard or accepted that message. 
Many of our energetic leaders are realizing that they are now looking back over the roads of their ministries, getting a bit tired, older, and wondering what the future of the Church will be.
 It is the task of each generation to pass on the faith and opportunities for ministry so that each generation can share the joy of serving Christ in their time.
A close look at St. Martin`s Community of faith reveals the truth of that statement. We share an incredible diversity of ministries by and to all age groups, here in our Church, Town, through the Diocese and around the world.  During lent this year our spiritual focus is going to be on whom we are as a Church and what God is calling us to be as a corporate body, and as individuals.
Simply put, we are going to

Christianity is a living, breathing realty formed through committed relationships with Jesus the head, His body formed through the  of diversity of followers who have been called, commissioned and sent.




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