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The Parish Of Gander
Rector: The Revd. John Watton 256 - 3838
Associate: The Revd. Brian Candow 256- 3700
Mailing address: 132 Airport Blvd,Gander NL A1V 2E7
Office Telephone: 709 256 3838 or 651-3592
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St. Martin's is a diverse Community of Faith with a warm heart for all.
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Morning and Evening Prayer
The Week of March 4

March 15
Evening Prayer
A Word, of Love, a song of Hope,a smile and a warm hug. These are some of the words of The Holy Spirit for which we give thanks this night.Hold us close now Lord, as we ask for your eventide blessing of love and Peace. Amen.

March 14

Morning prayer
It is time to begin a new day of prayer
And sharing in your love lord. Guide us through and fill us all with faith that we can make today beautiful. Amen.
Morning Prayer
Father,as the world around us sets in motion for another day,help us pause for just a moment to ensure our early thoughts give energy to a positive direction. Guide us once again through the up and down motion of heart and body this day. Amen. March 13

Life's day continues as this one draws to an end.For some this day has been full,warm and loving.Others have longed for peace and healing,and are waiting still. May your energies of love and hope gently rest on us all in a provision of the things we all need in our inmost being.
Morning Prayer
Jesus, as we awaken and travel through this day, may the things that torment ,tease,aggravate and cause anxiety within us,
Be the very things that awaken a desire to change,grow,be patient and more loving than ever before.
Use our lives to help us know you better.

March 12
Father,we know life is not pure
That we won't always receive the things we want
Or even the things we think we need.
For that we look to you...
For purity
And a sense of satisfaction with the gift of our lives.
As even comes we wait upon your word once again,to be revealed in our hearts. Amen.

Morning prayer
In the quiet of these few minutes before the day begins to pile it on,thank you Lord,for the promise of your love and Grace.it is needed and welcome.

March 11
Evening Prayer
Time is not ours to claim dear Lord,but as evening comes,we remember that time now past was ours,and it was a gift from you.
God of mercy,heal us in the past present and the future of our lives,and time will be our friend,and not an adversary.
Thank you for a new day
New Possibilities
New healing
fellowship and Love.
For opportunities of peace and hope. Amen

March 10
Lord,as darkness approaches,kindlke a flame of light and love in our hearts to help us see the path of hope and love.May this light shine brightly for all of us on the pathway home. Amen.
Morning Prayer
Father,thank you for people in our lives who care, and show their love by reaching out to others, without expectation of reward. Help us to be one of them this day. Amen.
March 9
Evening prayer
Oh lord,make our hearts long
For your presence
Your love
Your healing....
And so we may be like Christ himself
Make our hearts long to bless others. Amen.

Lord,your Spirit gently hovers,
And smiles...
upon those who rest in you. Grant a peaceful end to the long night,and joy in our rising. Amen.

March 8

Evening Prayer
The end of day comes quietly.Rest now says the Spirit of Christ. Draw near lord,we welcome your touch this night.help us know your love,be filled with it and pass it along to other weary travellers. Amen.
Morning Prayer
Lord the heart of winter will soon be past.The promise of spring draws near.May our prayer and meditations be the path you use today to fill us and those we love with anticipation of an ever new day. Amen.

March 7
Morning prayer
Lord,once again our outward journey begins.a new day gives us reason to hope,believe and act. Help us move beyond ourselves today so that our actions may be part of the joy and comfort others may know. Amen.
March 6

Evening Prayer
Thank you Spirit of Grace,father and Son, for the moments of this day. As only you can,bring rest and comfort to the weary,and give us the ability to see our own need so we may turn to you for comfort and hope. Amen.Morning prayer
Lord once again it is time to offer thanks for the gift of the day.Teach us to live each hour with respect,wisdom and hope.fill us with love,so we can fill this world with hope. Amen.


March 5
Lord we have been surrounded by blessings today. We thank you for the energy of life and love.
We have also heard stories of great pain and loss. Speak to us all, loving light, of hope and healing as we turn to you for an Eventide blessing.amen.

Morning Prayer

Thank you for the gift of morning time,
For eyes to see goodness
Hands to build blessings
Hearts to love...
And for each person who will share the faith this day.


Lent 2015
Over the past few decades there has been a gradual (and welcome) shift from the concept that Ministry was done to God`s people, toward the concept of ministry as something done by God`s people.  It seems however, that in younger followers of the faith have not heard or accepted that message. 
Many of our energetic leaders are realizing that they are now looking back over the roads of their ministries, getting a bit tired, older, and wondering what the future of the Church will be.
 It is the task of each generation to pass on the faith and opportunities for ministry so that each generation can share the joy of serving Christ in their time.
A close look at St. Martin`s Community of faith reveals the truth of that statement. We share an incredible diversity of ministries by and to all age groups, here in our Church, Town, through the Diocese and around the world.  During lent this year our spiritual focus is going to be on whom we are as a Church and what God is calling us to be as a corporate body, and as individuals.
Simply put, we are going to

Christianity is a living, breathing realty formed through committed relationships with Jesus the head, His body formed through the  of diversity of followers who have been called, commissioned and sent.




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